Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Playing in Traffic

After an industrious morning where the possibility of the group collaborating on a book stirred the imagination, we broke for lunch and some afternoon sabbath. There was a large contingent that went to a local potter's studio (it must be the prairies when you can go to someone's place of business, select merchandise and leave an I.O.U.), and a trio of us that went golfing.

At Echo Ridge there was little in the way of water hazards to lose balls, but Highway 56 did cut right through the course and I managed to drive one over the roadway. I took a drop on the right side of the fence, but my next hit was a nice solid shot that crossed over the boundary. I chipped through the gateway in the fence to get back on course. Heading to the next tee, I found a ball by the highway to replace the one I lost.

As per usual, I hit a number of trees and generally made my partners feel like better golfers. It was a gorgeous fall day with a scenic backdrop of biblically-bosomy hills and turning of leaves that made an afternoon with new friends that much more enjoyable.

Until we got back to task and faced the frustrations of committee work.

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