Thursday, September 20, 2007

Restful Day

The last morning of our gathering saw us developing action plans and timelines, divvying up tasks, and going our separate ways. Four of us were not leaving Regina until the late evening, and one of us lived in Regina, another of us was going to be visiting friends in town so after we dropped people off at the airport, the remnant numbered 6.

At a loss for what to do for the next few hours, turned loose in the big city, we opted for more action rather than watching a movie. We played Ultimate Frisbee on the front lawn of The Legislative building, posed for some photos by the "lake", and after a brief stop at the Reginan's home, proceeded to Bushwakker Brewpub for supper. I have to recommend their Palliser Porter, a smooth dark beer with a chocolatey-coffee flavour that became my dessert.

As we looked back on our afternoon, it very much was a practise of Sabbath: spending time with friends, self-care/physical activity, sharing a meal, appreciating the company of one another.

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