Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As Expected

As expected, Kai stayed home from daycare today. We had a semi-eventful morning, registering for Junior Kindergarten, going to the library and not eating much lunch.

There was a brief playtime outside, taking advantage of the springlike weather, when he biked for a few metres before tiring out and insisting that his dad carry him and his bike home.

His visit to the doctor diagnosed a virus. My visit to the Presbytery meeting resulted in me being roped into offering the courtesies to the caterers and then being talked at for 2+ hours.

Monday, February 16, 2009

On a Blog Roll

At the risk of jinxing myself, I've recaptured some blogging momentum and clearing out some old entries. So you may see things pop up out of chronological order and you may have to scroll past some already published posts to find out what's been happening since October 2008.

Unless it doesn't matter to you; but I'm just doing this for my own benefit. And for the grandparents, too. And uncles. And aunts. OK, there may be more of you that care than I thought ...

Senior Status

My dad will soon join the ranks of Canadian pensioners. Naturally, his perception of the "old age" threshold has been adjusted accordingly.

My parents came over for supper tonight; we treated them to a night out at Crabby Joe's. Our initial plan was to sample the work of the new chef at Johnny Bucks, but they were closed for the Famil-iday. After a soy sauce-less meal, we returned home for candle-lit cupcakes, tea and a Happy Birthday song.

Kai's developed a temperature and was fading quickly. He didn't eat much (at all) tonight and fell asleep during the 5-minute car ride home. I'm guessing it's a sick day tomorrow.

Snow, Sand and Surf

With fluffy fat snowflakes softly falling on this Family Day holiday, we celebrated with an indoor beach party. Lunch was a seaside picnic featuring lemonade and ice cream (Kai was feeling well enough for the ice cream, at least).

Starfish pose:
kitchen beach

After a safe interval, the kids went swimming:
swim party

After an hour in the "pool" they emerged with hair washed and pruney fingers and toes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Boys Are Illin'

Happy Valentine's Day. If you consider upset stomach and lack of appetite romantic, I'm your guy. So is Kai, he's got tummy issues as well.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weekend Warrior

Reiko's weekend calendar is busier than ours. Yesterday was a birthday party for her BFF. While I was meeting with a family about a baptism, Shelley was running back and forth to Grand Bend with the party grrl.

Today while I was at a church Annual Congregational Meeting, Reiko was at a schoolfriend's house for a playdate. Shelley and Kai went for an ice cream sundae.

Maybe Rei's weekend calendar isn't busier than mine, but it sure is less work-related.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Not Quite Kimonos

Some months ago, my parents gave us some matching Japanese "housecoats" (in ignorance of the proper word) that I and my siblings wore. They've hung in Kai's closet until now, rejected and unworn.

Today, for an unknown reason, the kids decided they wanted to try them on. Captured digitally, for posterity's sake: