Monday, June 30, 2008

In Bloom

Getting back to routine meant taking the kids to Early Years Outreach for the morning, but our afternoon outside play was curtailed by cooler, windy weather. With all the rain we've been getting, our low maintenance garden has gone crazy:
in bloom 08

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Huron County Goodness

The afternoon saw us venture to Grand Bend's Flea Market where the kids were introduced to the marvels of second-hand treasure hunting. We purchased some local produce and confections before heading off to one more patio furniture place, only to find them closed.

Undaunted, we pressed on to Exeter where great-grandma had supper waiting. While Shelley and she cleaned up from the meal, I took the kids outside where they entertained the neighbours. All you need are some stones, dandelions and shadows.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Instead of Sermon Writing

It's Saturday night and I'm not working on worship services for the next morning! Rather it's been the back-blogging update bonanza.

After daycare on Thursday, I took the kids with me to my parents' farm for a couple nights leaving Shelley home alone. She gets some time to herself, my parents get some time with the kids, the kids get some time with their grandparents: everyone wins!

Friday afternoon we went into Mitchell to visit some adoptive great-grandparents, played in the park, visited the animals and birds at the zoo. My brother joined us for supper, and seeing as he missed Kai's birthday party because of a ball tournament, he came bearing gifts: more Cars cars.

After saying goodbye to Grandma and Papa, and one of his pigs, we came home to a rested and appreciative Shelley. Then it was a quick turnaround to head into London for some summer clothes shopping for me, some patio furniture comparing and supper at East Side Mario's (on Wonderland as Kai is quick to request, remembering a previous Daddy Day that featured playtime at Adventures on Wonderland followed by supper at the very same restaurant).

Good thing I don't have church obligations tomorrow, I'm a little tired.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Golf and Windows

In a hybrid of the previous two days, I got out for 9 holes at Caradoc Sands. I ended up golfing with a father and son who are very accomplished players. I knew I was in trouble when the son's 5-iron shot went as far as my drive did. I deduced from the Basketball Canada tattoo on his calf that he played basketball (plus his being 6'7" was kind of a giveaway).

For most of the round, I kept pace with my partners, even if the dad had a 7 handicap, which he was quick to tell me. Bogeys, doubles, I was right there. I even matched the dad's drive on hole 8 which I quietly celebrated. But that's when it all fell apart: 20 shots for the last 2 holes. So my final score was in keeping with my standard, even though I was on track for the best game of my life.

I think dad and son were glad to see me go as they "made the turn" (see? I learned some new lingo while on holidays!) and by then I was rather embarrassed.

So then it was back to window washing in the afternoon, once the sun passed over to the other side of the house – we can't have streaks! I finished up before the rain came.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Windows Wednesday

Even though I'm on holidays, my homemaking services have been pressed into service. This morning, I washed the west- and north-facing windows. While I had the ladder up, I checked on the eavestroughs/downspouts with no further action needed. The one that we know is clogged, I cannot reach. I don't know if being taller would make me a better basketball player, but it would make me a touch handier around the house.

Then I assembled the kitchen cart that Shelley and I bought as an anniversary present (yeah, it's not as romantic as last year's Mediterranean cruise ...) which took much longer than I planned. By the time I finished, it was raining and so the east- and south-facing windows will have to wait for another day.

Today also marked the last day of school for Reiko which we "celebrated" with a soccer game. She's becoming more comfortable using her non-dominant foot, adding to her potent on-field arsenal.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Golf Rules

With the day dawning bright and dry, it was with great anticipation that I headed to Arkona Fairways to meet a friend for golf. It's a bit of a departure from my usual practice of walking 9 holes on my own; we booked for 18 on a power cart.

It seemed we were scheduled to tee-off before a Ladies' Day Out so while we weren't pressed to keep ahead of the pack, we were aware that 8 foursomes were behind us. The first 9 holes went rather well, once my partner got the griping about his work out of his system.

We paused for a quick bite of lunch before heading out for the last 9, though not quick enough, apparently. I guess one of the rules is you don't stop for too long "making the turn" and lose your place in line. When we got ready on the 10th hole, a cart pulled in behind us and a woman screeched at us for breaking this commandment. We had figured that if we got caught in the Ladies queue, we'd just sit back, relax (while keeping up with the pace of play) and continue to enjoy the day. I guess not.

I'm not sure what the problem was because once we got to the 11th hole, we didn't see her foursome for the rest of the day. Still, it gave us someone to blame when we duffed a shot.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Off the Clock

Because I started with my "new" churches in August, I have a couple weeks of away-time (holidays, study leave) to use before my second year begins.

So here I am with a game of golf scheduled for tomorrow, a list of household chores and a trip to the farm with the kids arranged for the end of the week. Maybe that means more time for blogging.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to Life

It was a tumultuous week, professionally and personally. After commemorating the death of one of the pillars of the church on the weekend. Then I dealt with the shock of a young father's sudden death, the day before his 26th birthday. He leaves behind his wife and two preschool children. As you can imagine this one is hitting very close to home.

Amid this emotional devastation there was the annual church barbeque that fed 300, Kai's 3rd birthday (that featured a party with his "neighbourhood friends"), Shelley participating in Relay for Life, having some new neighbours over for supper and various church meetings.

So this has been my recent life: grieving and celebrating, public performance and private preparation, observing the sacred and secular at once. Hence my latest absence; I'm sure you understand.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Quotations from Kai

As we head into the Early Years Outreach program: "You're the man, Daddy". Indeed, I was the only adult male onsite. All the other caregivers and staff were women and it's a pretty safe bet that when I hear the word "DAD!" being called in the crowded room, it's for me.

I had planned on taking Kai to the chip truck in Glencoe for a healthy lunch of roadside fries. Except it wasn't there any longer; I guess business wasn't so good. A disappointed Kai suddenly got very excited when he saw a transport truck with a Doritos ad emblazoned on its side: "There's a chip truck Daddy! Follow it!" We settled for McDonald's.

While changing his diaper, I commented to Shelley that he'd had a lot of poops today. His immediate response? "I didn't eat any sand!" (referring to times that we'd find sand in his diaper from his sandbox ingestion).

There was something else that was rather witty that he said, but I can't remember it. You'll have to trust me that it was a zinger.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Overdue Update

I imagine most bloggers succumb to the novelty of the experience wearing off and the updating of a blog slides down the priority list. It's taken 3½ years but that's where I am in the balance of work-life-family.

It's been a couple weeks at least since the last post. What's been going on with us?

Shelley's been busy with work, having a couple of high-scale presentations to make and tending to the greenery and landscaping. She got reacquainted with "Sex & the City" watching re-runs in preparation for seeing the movie with her sister.

Reiko's soccer skills are coming along very well. She brought the ball upfield on a few occasions and for a fleeting moment, we thought she might score a goal. We didn't expect to see this kind of progress so soon in the season!

Kai has got his summer haircut and has been looking forward to his third birthday. We had a family birthday party for him this past weekend. Although, we say he's been acting 3 for quite some time now. (I much rather prefer the "Terrible Twos" to this disagreeable stage of pushing boundaries and testing limits).

I've spent my time with church meetings and funerals. I did win Closest to the Pin at London Conference's golf tournament. During the meeting itself, I was approached about chaplaining a couple of national events, this while fending off nominations for President Elect.

As for the NBA Finals, I think I'd be cheering for Boston if it wasn't for the Red Sox and Patriots' recent string of successes. As it stands, I'm decidedly undecided. Right now, I'm more interested in the upcoming NBA draft - such is life as a Raptor fan. To rub it in, Kai keeps asking me if José is playing. I have to tell him, "No, his team didn't win so they're done playing games now." So he will randomly repeat, "José is not playing. His team didn't win."

So that's basically us, up-to-date for now. I could say that I'll try to be more diligent with my postings, but we'll see how long that lasts.