Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness (blogging ketchup)

Well, so much for that momentum I mentioned about a month ago...

I'll at least recount the week that was March Break 2009 and see what else I might extract from the memory banks.

Potty Party!

After many false starts and half-hearted attempts (and numerous unclaimed "potty presents" that Shelley bought at the dollar store eons ago), Kai spent the afternoon in Spiderman underwear and peed in the potty!

It was not the attentive parental moment that we had hoped it might be. Shelley was shopping in the States with her sister and I was upstairs getting supper ready. Still, when I happened upon the scene, there was much rejoicing and celebration.

His potty present turned out to be a volcanosaur. Just add water and the volcano "erupts" and dissolves in foamy tectonic fury leaving behind a dinosaur that will increase in size after 72 further hours in water.

There was one other accident this evening, there was another successful potty event as well. Here's hoping this time, we've turned the corner and diaperless days are in sight.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Learning from the Past

Last year when returning from Princeton, the company I was with got rather lost and disoriented when we got off the QEW highway before Hamilton in order to have some supper.

This year when returning from Niagara Falls, the family I was with made the same error. I had the sense that we should stop for lunch before getting to Hamilton because of the trouble I'd had before. Instead, I managed to direct us to taking the same exit and following the same path as a year ago.

My sense of déja vu guided us to some fast food (sharing the same parking lot as the Subway francise of last May) and I got us back to the highway afterwards in short order. I saw the parking lot of the Food Basics where I asked for directions last time. As well, my lane selection indicated that I had been there before.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kai's First Trip to the Falls

The last time we went to Niagara Falls, Shelley was pregnant with Kai, and we wanted to have one little holiday with Reiko before the family expansion. We used some AirMiles for a hotel near downtown and stopped at IKEA en route getting some cushions, bedding and kitchen gadgetry.

Last time, Rei had a fit of temper when at the Falls proper (granted she was not even 2-years old). This time, her tummy troubles revisited her and we had a little snack before heading back to the hotel. It was also around this time I discovered the new batteries I put into the camera were not so new ... or maybe the camera itself was nearing the end of its functionality. So we don't have any pictures of the snowy misty falls or resultant rainbow.

Supper was surprisingly good. We patronized the hotel restaurant, not wanting to venture too far from Reiko's bed, and were treated to some flavourful dishes: a tasty salmon for Shelley and a yummy chicken and shrimp pasta in a curry sauce for me. Well done, Apollo Grille. Don't be lulled by the Internet's lacklustre sample menu.

This being Kai's first trip to the Falls, he enjoyed rolling around on the hotel bed and driving through "that funny place" Clifton Hill (Tourist Area). Some day the kids might want to learn about what Ripley would have them believe, or not, the amazing things that Guinness recorded in the world, and the marvel of wax museums. For now, they're happy with a pool and being able to watch TV from bed!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness (basketball bracketing)

Today, everyone's Irish and with Guinness and Smithwick's in hand, I undertook the real work of my holidays: prognosticating the NCAA basketball tournament. While it was with a heavy heart, grieving Kentucky's absence, I suspect I might be more objective (and accurate) in my selections without having a sentimental favourite in the mix.

Although I did go with Louisville (also in Kentucky) and coached by former UK coach Slick Rick Pitino to win over Oklahoma in the final. Connecticut and Villanova complete my Final Four. And I did pick Western Kentucky as my 12 vs 5 upset recalling that former UK point guard Travis Ford was their coach ... or is it Eastern Kentucky? (Wikipedia tells me it was Eastern ... but he's now with Oklahoma State. I have OSU losing to Pitt in the 2nd round).

Does this really matter? Could I not have used all this brain power to solve world hunger or bring peace to the Middle East? No more or less so that President Obama, I imagine.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Another Monday

With Reiko still not feeling well, March Break roared off to a low-key start. The kids were plugged into some shows in the morning while I cleaned and organized the 4th bedroom/home office.

I got some propane for the barbeque and look forward the new season of outdoor cuisine.