Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Apple of My Eye

Amid the return from vacation was the arrival of a new laptop for work. Until now, I'd been using our personal computer and with its memory running low, I asked the powers that be and my work-life balance has a new equilibrium. Old iBook on the left, new MacBook on the right:
2 macs
I'm also between day planners right now; but I didn't have to ask the powers that be to authorize that purchase. See? The church isn't that bureaucratic.

Hostii with the Mostii

After the week of holidays and getting back to work/daycare/"normal", we had a series guests and visitors.

On Thursday, a friend that I met 10 years ago as we served as Stewards for the World Council of Churches in Zimbabwe arrived with her mother and 2 kids. They were on their way to St. Thomas and the Thomas the Train tour the next day before heading back towards Sudbury. A mutual friend joined us for supper and we caught up with each other's lives.

Friday ushered in the arrival of Shelley's parents for the weekend. Saturday, her cousins, aunt, grandmother and sister gathered for supper.

As host and hostess (hostii?), we were mostly present. Shelley went to a Mary Kay party on Thursday night, I had a wedding rehearsal and reception Friday and Saturday.

Sunday we had Shelley's mother's cousin over for supper and Monday my mom came over for Reiko's soccer game (another victory!).

Tuesday nobody came over.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Adventures in Camping 2008

This year's version of camping out took us back to Warwick Conservation Area; again with the thinking that if things didn't work out, we weren't far from home. This time, we brought reinforcements – Shauna and John were with us, another set of adults for wrangling the kids.

Things started off smoothly (if you ignore me forgetting to pack the side screens and roof of the dining tent and Shelley having to drive back for them). We got set up and began to enjoy the camping life:
camp warwick 2008

Until the bugs started biting. Still we made do with multiple applications of DEET and mosquito coils. Mind you, we aren't the most rugged of campers. Our sojourn into the wilds included sundary electronic items, and this is our idea of "roughing it" - DVDs on the laptop:
plugged in

Friday night's campfire fizzled because of too-wet firewood, but we did manage some S'mores. I slipped away mid-Saturday to assist with a wedding and returned through some wild rainstorms. The rains found us and before the night got too late, the decision was made to return to our dry homes for sleep and after allaying Reiko's fears that someone might arrive in our absence and pack up our stuff and set up their own camp on our site, we headed home. (Actually, it would be nice if someone arrived to pack up our stuff for us!)

Sunday morning was wet and drizzly, so our pack-up was a hurried stuff-everything-into-a-plastic-bag-and-cram-it-into-the-car-and-go operation. The afternoon was bright and sunny so we unpacked everything, dried it out and cleaned it and repacked it. After all that work, I'm ready for a vacation; but we did have enough fun to try and do it all again sometime. But not too soon, we just got everything put away.

In Pictures

My blogging got stuck as I tried to identify 7 songs for the currently circulating Music Meme but I will get to that later.

In the meantime, we've been making much use of our patio set:
patio set

With last week being holidays, we jam packed it full of day trips and little events. Monday was a morning playdate for Reiko and some school friends.

was a trip to Storybook Gardens where the kids posed on London Bridge:
sbg08 - ldn bridge

They watched the animals, played on the pirate ships, swung on the Ferris Wheel, and stopped for some bubble time:
sbg08 - rei bubble

And the obligatory Humpty Dumpty pose:
sbg08 - humpty

The carousel had mixed reviews. Thumbs up from Reiko:
sbg08 - rei merry

But Kai was less impressed:
sbg08 - kai merry

It was on to the nearby park and wading pool for a picnic lunch. Some swingtime followed:
big swing

And into the wading pool before heading home.
wading pool

Wednesday was a morning trip to the beach. Rei swam some more in the shallow water and Kai happily played in the sand.

Thursday we went to Sarnia where the kids and Shelley went to Canatara Park while I visited with a colleague to borrow a FireWire. It was a quick trip over the bridge to Port Huron where we did some crossborder shopping (clothes, cleaning products, and special toys for the kids - Sleeping Beauty "Barbie" selected by Rei, Diego camping lantern chosen by Kai).

The evening was a wiener roast reunion of Arkona United Church, it was nice to see everyone and showcase the kids.

We spent the weekend camping, or trying to. More on that next.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


The Accelerators of Strathroy's TimBit Soccer League notched a decisive win tonight ahead of the rain. If score was being kept, I think it would have been 5-0.

Many team members contributed to the cause with efficient striking, swarming defence, stalwart goaltending and a few kicks from players previously afraid to touch the ball. One memorable play featured speedy and sure-footed Reiko bringing the ball upfield and passing to her teammate (although I'm not certain that he didn't take it from her) who scored.

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! Accelerators!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Arkanada Day

If two years in a row constitutes a tradition, our Canada Day commemorations began as usual with cherry picking in Arkona. Given the poor growing conditions this year, we did well to come away with as much as we did.
Rei cherry 08 Kai cherry 08

Then it was a trip to the park next door to the Manse where the kids used to play. Here's a little before (2006) and after (today):
swing kids 2006 arkona park 08