Friday, September 23, 2005

Baby Nazgûl

We've moved Kai out of our room into his own for sleeping at night now. We hoped that without our rustling and recomforting noises, he'd sleep sounder. And we would avoid hearing every little sigh and sound that didn't require our attention.

Last night his cries took on a different, agitating quality. Recognizing my inexpertise I would say the pitch of his voice was distressed, the tone more desperate. As much as I like words, they don't really convey the sound of his new, keening cry. I liken it to that of The Lord of the Rings' Nazgûl.

That's the latest phase we're hoping he'll grow out of soon.

This morning on the radio, Michael Stipe serenaded us with "Nightswimming, deserves a quiet night..." Yeah, REM-sleep would be good too.

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