Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Work Hard, Play Hard

We welcomed Rei home today after her special sleepover time with her aunt and grandparents. In her absence, we did manage to clean out some clutter (little-used books, CDs, trinkets and knick-knacks), clear Kai's room of our stuff, and moved around some large furniture items. We've rearranged the office so that it can double as a guest room. It's a tight fit; functional but rife with poor feng shui.

Amid all that, I managed to get away for 18 holes of golf. I shot 112; I know, don't quit my day job. I love fall golfing: the leaves starting to turn, the crispness and clean smell of the air (although it was hot and muggy this time), the water hazards are drying up so more lost balls can be recovered, the summer rush dying down so I could swing in private.

I'm feeling pretty huge and sore right now from all that exertion.

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