Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Car Trip

After the memorial service this afternoon, and the accompanying luncheon, I came home to put away some laundry, wash some dishes and popped the carseats into the Fusion. After much tugging and yanking, those seats were anchored – wiggling the seat jostled the entire car. I've been to a couple carseat clinics and installed them enough times, that I know what I'm doing. (At least when it comes to Evenflo products).

To mark the occasion, we made a family outing to Strathroy for a fast food supper. En route, I realized this was the first time Shelley and I had been in the new car together; even our test drives were on separate days. I think we pushed our luck with the kids, attempting such an endeavour after a full day of daycare for both of them. We were treated to some backseat wailing, in stereo, on the way home.

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