Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hot Wheels

We bought a new car today. The Fusion replaces the inexplicably popular Taurus in Ford's lineup and will find its way into our driveway.

With my imminent return to work and Shelley's job now requiring so much travel, we knew we'd be in the market for another vehicle. It was a rather simple process (facilitated by Shelley's dad's Ford employee price plan which made comparison shopping rather moot). Also, we have a surprisingly good relationship with our sales rep who we've now known for 6 years – how time flies.

I called yesterday to ask if they had a Fusion with standard transmission on the lot, test drove it (giving me an excuse to do donuts, forward and reverse, in the Wal-Mart parking lot), figured out what the numbers are, and took the paperwork home to fill out.

It's a fun drive; has more power than what we're used to driving; provides a smooth, quiet ride, and we actually get a tachometer! Plus, there's cruise control which is a novelty for us. We'll pick it up Saturday morning. Although, too late, I think I should have had them throw in a Gillette Fusion 5-blade razor to sweeten the deal in a cross promotional offer.

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