Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Preparing the Way

Despite the fact I'm still on parental leave for a few more days (official return on Monday), the work is already piling up. I've been scheduling meetings and my first couple weeks are already filled.

I will also help preside in worship this Sunday, a symbolic transition from leave to work, from our pulpit supply person to me.

Seeing as I'd been away for the last two Decoration Day services at the Arkona cemetery (away in Winnipeg for a course, away at hospital for Kai's birth), I agreed to preach this year which is always the major chunk of work. This understanding grew from merely preaching (and naturally selecting the accompanying scripture) to choosing hymns, coordinating with the musician, forwarding said hymns to the bulletin publisher, offering the Call to Worship, and liasing with another minister about her participation in the service.

I'm also preaching at Ravenswood's Cemetery Service the Sunday after that. And I've been working with a couple on their marriage counselling/wedding preparation for next Sunday.

With all this work while on leave, I won't feel bad about taking a day or two here and there in the next few weeks to make up for these intrusions into my government-sanctioned time away from work.

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