Thursday, November 25, 2004

Waste-o Thursdays

I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. I am supposed to be finishing and submitting a reflection paper for my course with the Centre for Christian Studies. Instead, I procrastinate.

I lovingly recall this practice from my university days, identified to me by a floormate, Ethan, as "waste-o", as in "waste o' time". This not to be confused with intoxication as others might call "wasted" (which in Ethan-speak is "stink-o", as in "stink o' beer"). This expansion of my vocabulary was courtesy of the man who composed the classical piece, "Taco Bell Canon." Coming soon to a wedding near you.

My list of waste-o accomplishments this afternoon/evening: 2 loads of laundry; gym, ran three 6-minute miles; 2 naps; groceries; curry; 1 beer; vicariously visited New Zealand via Jeffy and Cheryl's pics and vids; scoured the web for useful information; solo Catan settling; online chat with Martyn, bringing him up to date on The Simpsons (this past Sunday's episode was the best by far of the new season); blogged.

My paper is in and done. Thank you and good night!

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