Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hostii with the Mostii

After the week of holidays and getting back to work/daycare/"normal", we had a series guests and visitors.

On Thursday, a friend that I met 10 years ago as we served as Stewards for the World Council of Churches in Zimbabwe arrived with her mother and 2 kids. They were on their way to St. Thomas and the Thomas the Train tour the next day before heading back towards Sudbury. A mutual friend joined us for supper and we caught up with each other's lives.

Friday ushered in the arrival of Shelley's parents for the weekend. Saturday, her cousins, aunt, grandmother and sister gathered for supper.

As host and hostess (hostii?), we were mostly present. Shelley went to a Mary Kay party on Thursday night, I had a wedding rehearsal and reception Friday and Saturday.

Sunday we had Shelley's mother's cousin over for supper and Monday my mom came over for Reiko's soccer game (another victory!).

Tuesday nobody came over.

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