Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To the Cottage!

Instead the backroad, country drive we opted for major highways going 402, 401, 407, 400. To keep Reiko busy, we charged her with the duty of writing down the names of the cities and towns we drove through.

We stopped at an outlet mall where Shelley and I bought some shoes. Thanks to my short, wide, flat, pronating feet, I got an extra 25% off an already discounted pair of "premier running" shoes, paying $98 less than original price.

Upon arrival at the cottage, (turns out the highways did reduce our driving time substantially), it was to the beach. In trying to extricate a lovely pink- and black-speckled rock from the lakebed, I tried building a little dam to drain the area and allow for more digging room. It didn't work. But it kept me occupied for the afternoon.

In the evening, I pulled some lucky letters during Scrabble allowing me to play "jerk", "reflex", "gizmo" and the coup de grace "monetary".

So ... with a good bargain on my feet, 300+ points in Scrabble on the board, cold drinks in the fridge and some more quality family time in the offing, I can safely say vacation time is here.

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