Thursday, February 17, 2011

Epcot Centre

Fearful that I was turning into "that guy" (the one glued to his CrackBerry mobile device to the oblivion of the magic surrounding him), I accepted Shelley's dare not to use "that thing" all day. (Although in my defence, it was 20 seconds at a time to record the event and then devoting my ever attendant attention to my kids and Disney propaganda).

The day dawned bright and warm, and we arrived at Epcot Centre with little fanfare. Maybe it's the physical layout of the site, or maybe/probably the result of waning legs and energy, but things seemed to be further away today. We purposefully collected our FastPass for "Soarin'", another vaunted extra-sensory experience; I cringed my way through Test Drive, an immersive simulation of what crash test dummies must endure; Shelley and I traded off the kid-minding to fulfill a milder version of a Gary Sinise-hosted space mission; soared over California in "Soarin'" (next time, I'll keep my eyes open for the whole thing); boated our way through Living with the Land.

On to the Akerhaus restaurant for a Princess-themed lunch where I pigged out on venison sausage and Reiko held audience with Princesses Belle, Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel.
2 princesses

As we retreated for a mid-day siesta at our retreat, we garnered a Baby Tigger stuffed animal souvenir somehow.

Our evening return was in time for our dinner reservation (grilled Mahi Mahi for me) after which we ventured undersea Finding Nemo. Our party split up after that, Reiko and I completed a Kim Possible mission at the China pavilion while Kai and Shelley had a Turtle Talk with Crush. We reunited under the geodesic dome and thusly concluded our Disney adventure.

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goodurs said...

do you have an amazing camera, or is it just that everything at disney is designed to look glossy and fab in pictures?