Saturday, February 12, 2005

4 Small Words

I travelled back to the Toronto area having only left the metropolis a couple nights earlier. While the yearning to be back with the Sisters has subsided somewhat, this was a reunion of Shelley's college housemates -- the Party of F*ing Five.

Rei strung together her first four-word sentence in the car on the way to Brampton. "I see a boy." Pronoun subject + active verb + indefinite article + noun object = sentence. Now as to what she's doing looking at boys is another question. (Although at the Woodstock Wendy's rest stop, we saw one of her daycare classmates, Josh! Already it's a small world).

The afternoon/evening featured Cranium and Trivial Pursuit (80's and Star Wars editions); hemp beer; Les Trois Poules, a Cabernet Franc, direct from France; and hot wings.

I garnered a new waste-o site for the geek in all of us: Wil Wheaton Dot Net; more than a Trekkie homage, it offers insight into the adult life of a child star. Engage!

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