Sunday, February 20, 2005

Honourable Mentions

Having ranked the top 5 concerts of my live musical experience, I would be remiss if I neglect those worthy acts that did not crack the upper echelons of my snobbery. All of the following I have seen multiple times and would see again:

  • The Rheostatics - marvellous Canadian ambassadors; ethereal musical musings, punctuated by the Voice of Tielli
  • Great Big Sea - great big voices from da b'ys of Newfoundland
  • Violent Femmes - I remember a revolving stage in the rain as songs about rain were played
  • The Mahones - drunken lazy bastards, all of them
A closing sentiment: as much as the music and live show is entertaining and engaging, it is always the people who are with you for the journey that make it memorable and meaningful. Dearest friends and loved ones, keep on rocking in the free world and make any noise you want ("woo! woo!").

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