Monday, February 21, 2005

80s Flashback

As CBC Radio looks at the 1980s in narrowing down the 50 essential Canadian Tracks, I was pleasantly surprised to note that Kon Kan's "I Beg your Pardon" was submitted. It was an anthem of my days with the high school chess club.

I'm just becoming reacquainted with those days of my youthful exuberance and preoccupation with electronica and sampling (New Order, Erasure, and of course Alphaville). This morning Rei and I jumped and danced to the synth-fluff of this Canadian duo and I'm continuing to track it through the time zones via CBC on-line. What would we do without the compu-global-hyper-mega-net?

"Do you want to hustle? / Do you want to salsa?"

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