Friday, February 04, 2005

This is the Last Time

You may be concerned about my fixation with napkins. It appears that I've readily adapted to the culture that surrounds me. I had resolved not to blog about napkins anymore; until this morning happened.

The general meal process involves: entering the Refectory (dining hall), retrieving napkin and ring from its cubbyhole, placing it at a vacant place at the table and getting one's meal from the buffet tables. Upon my return to the table, we discovered that Lyn had sat down at Deb's place. Deb, knowing she was sitting next to Lyn, sat down in my place.

I was separated from my napkin. Silently, we managed to sort things out to great merriment and hilarity. One of the sisters helpfully reminded us that today was napkin-changing day. As of noon, I wipe my mouth with the colour rose.

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