Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Private Sneeze

It's always a joy when ministers, pastors, clergy, whatever-you-call-'ems, get together. Today , a number of us were briefed on the implications of the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA, pronounced "puh-HIPPa", not "FYE-pa" as I would have done) on our pastoral visits to hospitals and any information our nosey selves may have procured.

Much of it was common sense and common practice that any respectful and half-brained person already knew and did. Although someone did try to argue that his rights and freedoms were being nibbled away. I exercised my right and freedom to not snort aloud in derision.

Although I did sneeze, and someone blessed me. At first, I suggested that this was a good room for it (blessing) until the magnitude of the situation dawned upon us. In no way did I imply or express consent for the blessing to occur! This, in a hospital setting where PHIPA was in full effect ... what happened to my right to respiratory privacy? The indignation, the outrage, the horror!

My little example is taking things to an extreme. And you know me: Xtreme Xenji, reverending on the edge.

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