Friday, November 25, 2005

Fast-forward 29 days

It was a morning of last-minute Christmas shopping as we prepare for a Baker Christmas tomorrow. I also picked up some beer for the festivities (where the elderly man in line behind me complimented me on my Moosehead purchase) and selected Bibles for the confirmands on Sunday. All this on "Buy Nothing Day" no less.

Shelley's work had a Christmas party tonight; her parents watched the kids for us. Shelley wondered when the next time we'd be able to be out for an evening alone would be. Thus, we were ripe for some irony, (speaking of which, peak at Al's Icon-o-clash of the ironic icons!)

After spending sufficient time with co-workers and Board members, we ducked out with another couple for some Carcasonne: Hunters and Gatherers at their house. Unfortunately, our game was interrupted by a phone call informing us that Kai was awake and inconsolable. We did have an enjoyable evening and I was able to get a head start on Sunday worship prep.

In spite of my dismay and disdain for Christmas celebrations before Advent even begins, I did have a Merry Christmas Eve.

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