Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Power up, Pip

With a new display and logic board, a fully functional Pip is back on my lap and ready to compute. Despite the fact preparations for the church's fall supper were underway, I made a quick trip into London to pick up the iBook. I hadn't been able to use it since the 5th of November; and with a memorial service or two, Presbytery meeting, confirmation class and breakfast-bake sale this week, it was conceivable that I might have had to wait until next week before I could retrieve it.

The traffic lights overwhelming worked in my favour and I was back within a very reasonable time. Still, considering it had been only a week before this new computer quit on me, I'll be calling Apple and seeing what kind of love they'll give me in compensation for my hardship. Time to channel the spirit of Ursula once more.

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