Friday, November 11, 2005

We all scream for ice cream

Apparently, while I was away in Arnprior, Rei kept telling Shelley that I would have ice cream when I got back. Last night as she licked at her cone after a successful supper of chicken fingers, fries and peas, she offered me some of her ice cream.

I politely declined, partly because I'm rather neutral to ice cream in the first place, and mostly because I wanted her to have full enjoyment of her treat. Rei got rather quiet, looked at her cone dismayed and crestfallen. I quickly recanted my refusal and shared her dessert; she delighted in the sharing, instructing me to lick, not bite. It seemed she'd waited a long time for me to return and have this moment.

So I had some ice cream, but more importantly, I had yet another lesson about receiving gifts with grace.

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