Friday, November 04, 2005


I skipped out of evening program tonight. It was a Moderators' Reception that featured activities and socializing with the general public and members of the hosting congregation. Not that I'm not grateful for the gracious hospitality of Arnprior and Grace-St. Andrews United; it's that meeting 106 people in an ethos of intentional dialogue, conversation and listening has taken a lot of energy out of an introvert like me. Yes, I can play the extrovert, and play it well, but it wears me out.

So to model self-care, I've opted out of the reception, the glad-handing and small-talking. Camped out in my hotel room with the basketball game on, Pip on my lap, an order of chicken wings and other junk foods assembled on the bed, I'm content to flake out and be fresh for tomorrow.

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