Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Keith from the Kootenays

Moxywoman put me onto Shelagh Rogers' blog about the CBC Lockout and her caravan coverage of it. I noticed a recent entry about a stop and speech in Trail. Recognizing the name of the place and the billet, I wondered if my classmate Keith (who should be plowing through readings for school) made himself known in anyway. It's not like Keith to be actively interested and involved with a labour dispute!

So I looked at the Trail slideshow in search of Waldo and was rewarded a pic of a stalwart defender of public justice and equality gazing into the future with determined cynicism. Further along I see that I missed an entry about her stay in Castlegar complete with an entire slideshow and podcast. How lucky to have the gracious presence of Shelagh amidst the splendour of the Kootenays (wherever that is)!

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