Saturday, September 03, 2005


Yesterday's plan was: Rei to daycare, groceries/errands, McDonald's lunch, home to clean, Shelley to chiropractor and pick up Rei.

Instead, we called our just-updated Ford Roadside Assistance when the car didn't start. I gave directions to the McDonald's parking lot (we did get that far at least) and mentioned the dealership McDonnell Ford was a couple blocks down the street. I wondered if I would have been further ahead calling the dealership than some phone-jockey in Montreal, but wasn't sure if our coverage would then be valid.

As we approached the later reaches of the estimated time of rescue, I get a call from the local operator wondering where we were. The driver went directly to the dealership (yeah, try finding a Ford Focus in that lot is like finding hay in a haystack) , because McDonnell and McDonald's sound an awful lot alike. (Why we would need a tow when we were at the dealership is beyond us ...)

A jump start and we were down the street to McDonnell's where the car battery was replaced. (Interestingly, thankfully, Kai slept peacefully through the car trouble). A few hours behind schedule left us with a quick scurry through the grocery store, an acclerated drive to the chiropractor and a happy reunion with an oblivious Rei.

And our day was complete. Except for the cleaning. That'll have to wait for another time.

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