Tuesday, December 27, 2005

10 Random Things about Me

Following moxywoman's lead, here are 10 Random Things about yours truly:
  1. Tests for malaria and parasites were negative
  2. First album purchased: Huey Lewis & the News - Hip to Be Square
  3. In four years of high school basketball, I netted a whopping 2 points (against Norwell District Secondary School, jump shot from the top of the key)
  4. Favourite Simpsons character: Milhouse Van Houten
  5. Despite a fear of heights, I enjoy spelunking. At least I think I do, my limited excursions have been enjoyable.
  6. Am prone to head injuries and ankle sprains (this is unrelated to the previous point)
  7. Literally bumped into Sarah McLachlan at Kingston's Brew Pub, 1994 (this point, too, is unrelated its predecessor)
  8. Prefer to golf by myself
  9. John Steinbeck's East of Eden was the first book to make me cry. It also fed my love of Hebrew scholarship.
  10. Card-carrying member of the Jebus Seminar ... if there were cards, or if we were organized enough to publish, or meet.

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