Saturday, February 02, 2008

Not an Ear Infection

The morning began with a trip to the Urgent Care Clinic with Kai while Rei went to dance class. The good news? He doesn't have another ear infection. The bad news? Tonsillitis.

The medicine doesn't taste as good to him, as he pawed at his tongue immediately after his first dose.

We took a trip into London to North by Northwest's annual clearance sale to find a winter coat and boots for Reiko. The kids' selection had been pretty thoroughly picked over and there was nothing in her size. We did get some new toques and Kai loves his new aquamarine Crocs shoe-sandals.

After a fast lunch, we hustled back home so that Reiko could then go to a classmate's birthday party and then get registered for summer soccer. Yes, she has a busier social life than her parents do.

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