Monday, February 25, 2008

Where February Went

The long awaited blog catch-up is here. Delayed by the emergence of another funeral last week (I should have known better to ask the funeral director how his days have been. And he should have known better to comment about how quiet things were). Some themes from the past fortnight:

Kai’s preoccupation with guitars is bordering on obsession. I had found my squash racquet and for every waking minute of the next few days, he was strumming it, cuddling it, and asking about it.
rock band

Reiko’s Pony
After months of patience, Rei’s hair is long enough to put into one big ponytail. She’s very proud of this accomplishment and looks forward to wearing her hair like her BFF from daycare.
pony profile

All Work
Despite the legislated Family Day holiday last Monday, Shelley’s had a string of evening workshops and meetings to round out the week. I had two funerals, 3 church meetings, plus a church chilli supper and family games night. And Sunday morning worship doesn’t plan itself.

Back to Health
The ailments that have plagued us have abated; we’re all off our meds except for Shelley’s persisting cough (another week or so, according to the doctor). Do I need an excuse to post a picture of our happy and healthy kids?

Now, it’s just a matter now of getting back to running, finding a gym and a local basketball game. Or getting re-acquainted with my squash racquet.

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