Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Madness (basketball bracketing)

Today, everyone's Irish and with Guinness and Smithwick's in hand, I undertook the real work of my holidays: prognosticating the NCAA basketball tournament. While it was with a heavy heart, grieving Kentucky's absence, I suspect I might be more objective (and accurate) in my selections without having a sentimental favourite in the mix.

Although I did go with Louisville (also in Kentucky) and coached by former UK coach Slick Rick Pitino to win over Oklahoma in the final. Connecticut and Villanova complete my Final Four. And I did pick Western Kentucky as my 12 vs 5 upset recalling that former UK point guard Travis Ford was their coach ... or is it Eastern Kentucky? (Wikipedia tells me it was Eastern ... but he's now with Oklahoma State. I have OSU losing to Pitt in the 2nd round).

Does this really matter? Could I not have used all this brain power to solve world hunger or bring peace to the Middle East? No more or less so that President Obama, I imagine.

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