Tuesday, March 15, 2005


It's been a standard Tuesday of questions (along with my answers).

Field Ed. meeting:
  • How's the paper coming along? (uhm, fine. really)
Bible Study:
  • How much coffee should I make? (not enough)
  • What message is in the scripture for us today? (true charity comes from love)
Baptism meeting:
  • What is the one thing you want your child to know about faith? (there are many paths to spiritual awareness)
The inevitable:
  • What are we doing for supper? (chicken strips, fries, salad)
The Amazing Race:
  • Could I eat 4 lbs of meat? (sure. in a timely, vomit-less, fashion? maybe not)
  • How does Rob get away with it? (I have no idea)
  • How can one get so lost they're 2 hours off-course? (I have no idea)
March Madness:
  • Who would I like in the Final Four? (Illinois, Louisville, Kansas, Kentucky)
  • Who do I think will make it there? (Illinois, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Syracuse)

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