Saturday, March 26, 2005

Rolling Flat

Handy Daddy struck again this morning, this time changing a flat tire on the car. Last night I took the confirmation class to The Swell, a "contemporary" youth worship service. I intended to use our car except it had this flat tire. Pressed for time, we hopped into my in-laws' Taurus which we've been carsitting and left for London.

So this morning, in the chill of dawn, I swapped the tires (those afternoons helping my father-in-law rotate them came in handy) and proceeded to the local garage. Peter was very helpful and accommodating, but could not find any problem with it. To be on the safe side, he replaced the valve stem and offered to repair the tire for free should another problem arise in the next few days.

While it's a relief that there was no major damage done, it would nice to know what the cause of the flat was and that it was corrected. So in our travels tonight, every bumpy stretch of road had me wondering if that was the tire gone again and I was sure I smelled rubber at one point in the journey. The mind is a wonderfully paranoid thing (at least mine is). Safely home again, it's still inflated and ready to roll.

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