Thursday, March 24, 2005

Single Dad Evening

While Shelley is out on a bonding night with the girls from work, I get to play single-parent family with Rei. I had grand visions of an omelette for dinner, seeing as how my appetite is returning. That's what happens when Shelley leaves, I go egg-tastic. It ended up being reheated Kraft Dinner.

Rei spotted some hot cross buns on the table, purchased for Easter breakfast at the church. She pointed and happily cried, "Buns!" After artfully employing my powers of distraction, I was able to convince her that 7-grain bread with margarine was just as nice. This was before she dumped her cup of milk.

As active multi-taskers, we watched a Baby Einstein video, sang many refrains of "Head and shoulders, knees and toes", read some Curious George, put some babies to sleep and endured some short-lived nailcutting.

A play-filled bath time (without bubbles, because they scared her last night) involved Rei correctly identifying, and playing with, her "nipples". In protest of the new, clean diaper being brandished at her, she peed on her towel while informing me that she was "pooping".

So far, the drift off to sleep has been successfully uneventful. To make up for my lack of omelette, I may fashion some nachos deluxe while I watch basketball. After I finish planning for the Easter weekend worship services, of course.

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