Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Poopy Subterfuge

Another episode of Daddy Rei-care has uncovered the scope of our toddler's calculating mind:

During afternoon nap, after happily babbling in her crib, Rei started announcing, "Poopy. Poopy." I checked on her because there have been recent concerns about diaper capacity and wondering whether she needed a size upgrade or not.

When I got to her room, Rei was sitting up and playing with her bed toys. When she saw me, she repeated, "Poopy!" I responded by asking if she was poopy and she gave a knowing nod. This should have been my first clue. She never admits to being poopy.

I pick her up, we go to the bathroom and behold, her diaper is empty and dry. As I take her back to her room when she points down the hall and sweetly asks, "Downstairs?" It was all a decoy to get her out of her crib so she could make her move to freedom.

Did it work? She's in lockdown right now and not happy about it. Here's hoping she settles and sleeps soon. She had a big morning and needs her rest. (Translation: I need her to need her rest).

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