Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Robfather III

*** Warning: contains Amazing Race 7 spoilers ***
(well, maybe not spoilers, but game info)

The Robfather is back at it. I couldn't help but become a fan of the unashamedly brazen liar from Survivor: Marquesas (fourth edition, won by unremarkable, cheap grace grabbing, Vecepia) despite his all-American (-Italian) bravado and arrogance. He's so far from who I am that it must be a case of opposites attracting.

The race premiere featured far too much "when I was in Survivor blah, blah, blah" which dampened my enthusiasm for this glory hound. That seems to have abated, being replaced by his devious game play and effective completion of challenges/tasks.

Otherwise, I remain somewhat unimpressed so far by this running of the race. And the team archetypes (the gay couple; the bumbling brothers; the retirees/grandparents; the parent and child; the on-again, off-again couple; etc. etc.) seem much too familiar - more so than usual. Not that I expected any different, it could just be with the brief lagtime between races has me desensitized to their uniqueness. Nowhere is it more apparent to me than with Uchenna and Joyce who seem to be Chip and Kim reincarnated.

Could it be that Rob (and Amber) is what will keep me coming back? Could this be Phil Keogan and company jumping the shark? Or is it just bitterness at the ouster of the South Carolinians?

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