Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday Routine

It seems that I've finally hit some semblance of a weekly routine (well, for Monday anyway).

Rei and I went for a walk downtown where we mailed some tapes for Dr. U. "Hoeger", rented a movie at the gas station/convenience trailer, and had coffee and cookie at the cafe/restaurant/variety store. It was a busy day in the town, where we saw and were seen.

After lunch and a wailing nap send-off, I watched Alien vs. Predator (seeing as it got so much press at the Oscars during Chris Rock's on-the-street interviews). It was pretty much what I expected. Mindless distraction, although a reference to Shackleton did catch my attention and had me thinking fondly of The Weakerthans. For $3.45 and 90 minutes of my life, I could have done worse.

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