Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Onset of Madness

The signs of spring are here: brightening mornings and evenings, Tim Horton's Rrroll up the Rim campaign, and the flurry of college basketball. Ah, March Madness, the cause of Survivor's relocation to Wednesday night for the next fortnight ...

As Rei and I watched the Georgia Tech - UNC game this afternoon, I explained that when the defender has established position previous to contact with the player on offense (as opposed to an "offensive player"), it was a "player-controlled foul" or a "charge". She nodded knowingly and repeated "charge".

Next on my list is the name "Kelenna Azubuike", simply because I like the way it rolls off the tongue and I appreciate his play as one of Tubby Smith's 'Cats from Kentucky. If it can't be U of K, then, I'd be quite happy cheering for any underdog. Well, anyone but Duke.

Somewhere in the midst of this, I have to fit in a little something called "Easter".

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