Monday, February 14, 2005

Concert #3

The concert countdown continues:

"Weird Al" Yankovic at Lansdowne Arena, Ottawa;
23 October 1999.

That's right. Weird Al. I'm reclaiming the awkward high school years of AV club as a powerful and honest expression of self-worth. (After all, who was it that hooked up Sister Jessica's VCR?)

For a such frenetic, goofy guy, he put on a well-organized, tightly choreographed showcase of parody and originality. The set list can be found here. The wackiness was featured in costumes, video clips and a happy 40th birthday to Al. Although I have yet to get over his clean shaven look with long, luxurious hair and lasered eyes -- he's sold out to The Man.

Nonetheless, it was a joy to share the experience with fellow Al pal, Jeffy (and our accommodating spouses). It is quite unlikely that Al ever ate the birthday block of "Old Fort-y" cheese we gave him.

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