Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I think I ate liver today

One of the drawbacks of silent meals is that you can't ask anyone what you're eating. I figured out quarterway through my plate that what I presumed to be a funky serving of Salisbury steak was in fact liver and onions. Such are the adventures at the convent.

Also puzzling is the pomp and circumstance that surround the use of napkins. As best as I can discern, everyone is entitled to a paper napkin. Those staying for a longer duration than a meal or two are assigned a cloth napkin. Each cloth napkin comes with a napkin ring, labelled with your room number. If you have a cloth napkin (and ring) you no longer are eligible to receive a paper napkin.

Further to this etiquette are the cubbyholes where napkin and ring are to be placed when not in use. Each compartment is labelled, again by room number. This rather involved and superhygienic concern is perplexing when considering the wine of communion is received by drinking from the same chalice.

My napkin is green. It is labelled "E125"; don't touch it!

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