Monday, February 28, 2005

Off the Cuff

Related to my learning goal of not over-preparing, I have recently experimented with preparing and presenting sermons without a full script. Ordinarily, I make notes about when to pause, which words to emphasize and when to turn to speak to the choir, etc. These past weeks I've simply gone with an outline of major points that I intend to make.

Which brings me to yesterday morning at the pulpit in Ravenswood. It was with a bemused sense of irony that I realized I'd left my sermon notes in the photocopier at Arkona. With a detached sense of adventure, I ended up pulling something out of (extemporane-ass) thin air.

I wouldn't say this style of preaching leads to better sermons. Although the time I spend on writing and rehearsing is now focussed on other aspects my ministry, life and family. So can I live with weaker sermons for a stronger ministry? For now, at least until I finish my full-time course or come up with a more effective method of managing my time. Amen.

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