Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hogwarts and Hi-5

Maybe I'm not getting enough intellectual stimulation these days to keep me from fixating on two recurrent themes. One I don't mind so much: Harry Potter and his wizarding chums; the other, Rei's favourite TV show, the insipidly catchy tunes of "Hi-5".

I've had dreams of Dumbledore's Army and Ron Weasley being frantic about something or other. Although my sleeping soundtrack at my laying down, and rising up, has been the frustratingly upbeat, "Hide your eyes and count to 10 / Ready or not, I'm gonna find you again ...".

With my luck, Hi-5 will be performing on the soundtrack to the Harry Potter movie. That'd be enough to send me Round the Twist (where Bronson enters a peeing contest; and loses!).

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