Monday, August 22, 2005

"Is that your title?"

FYI, I was at UWO checking out some books to prepare for a course at QTC today using my GBC (Guest Borrower Card) when the librarian asked me, "Is that your title?"

Apparently, "(Rev.)" came up on the screen when she scanned my card. When I confirmed it was, she marvelled, "But you look so young!" Tell me about it. We exchanged the usual social pleasantries about youthful appearances. Once again, I refrained from my mind's reply, "I'm old enough to bury you!" and I took my books and ran.

As I made my exit, I overheard her say to her colleague that she thought maybe I was using someone else's card. What a felony: impersonating clergy to borrow books from a library! Were that the case, you'd think I'd have loaded up on communion wine instead. Or goosed the Pope. Or married an inter-species couple.

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