Sunday, October 30, 2005

Momentous Occasions

The acquisition of the laptop wasn't the only grand event in our family circle this week. For as long as I've know him, Shelley's dad has talked about retiring. And now he has; with the latest contract buyouts between Ford and the CAW, he is on permanent vacation.

Although he was put quickly to work again, as we all helped Shelley's sister move into her new apartment this afternoon. There were some epic struggles with a peaked-back couch and doorways, some anecdotal mishaps with the U-Haul trailer, and box-filled rooms by the time we were through.

In other important news this weekend, Reiko got some underwear (Winnie the Pooh & Lion King; Dora was too $$) for when she wants to try using her potty. Here's hoping the longer we wait until she's ready, the shorter the actual training itself will be.

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