Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Urs, Circles, Presents

Our Ursul-tastic week of good company, gaming and chillaxing concluded as we dropped Ursula off at the train station. We'll continue to live her Sex in the City life vicariously through her blog as she chums with Maya Angelou (potentially) and jetsets around Europe (indefinitely). And we'll manage to get together for some Carcasonne online.

After the train station, we circled around to King-Wah, an Asian food store, for ramen noodles, no-rinse short-grain rice and Pocky cookie sticks. Then I returned some books to the UWO libraries as Shelley circled around campus with the kids. Then onto her folks for Thanksgiving, Round 3: turkey casserole.

As they clean house for the permanent move to the cottage, we took home a set of dishes to replace our chipped and cracked wedding-presented ones. We also brought home our Christmas present microwave and promptly proceeded to make some popcorn. (I had initially typed "poopcorn" - what a slip that is!)

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