Monday, October 10, 2005

Thanksgiving and Retail

Turkey: round two was replaced by pork chops at my parents' farm. It was a pleasant family gathering, despite the absence of our working mom and gas-less brother. Urs got to talk hockey some more and Rei delighted in the attention - once she warmed up to everyone.

My brothers have been taking second jobs to fill their time and bank accounts: Daisuke at
HomeSense, discount decor and furnishings; and Keizo at Best Buy, electronics and gadgets. My sister had already worked at Banana Republic. One of the motivating factors for their ventures into retail is the employee discount. Maybe they're onto something ... does the LCBO give employee discounts? Perhaps I'll look into SportChek, or HMV, or Chapters/Indigo, seeing as I only "work one morning a week".

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