Thursday, November 03, 2005

The back end of town

Riding the train as much as I have lately, I've noticed the truth in being "on the wrong side of the tracks". When highway driving, you see the better facade of businesses, the attractive store front and the inviting tidiness. From the train windows, you see the junk heap and scrap pile in the back, the rusting and unused equipment, broken or discarded materials, and all the graffiti.

While travelling to Arnprior for a United Church consultation about the future ministry of the church in the coming years, I found some other delegates in line at Union Station and we agreed to save each other seats. I resisted the temptation to anti-socialize with Pip or my NY Times crosswords (I'm a few days behind on my daily calendar puzzles because of Sudoku and the laptop) and chatted amiably with these others; those 5 hours just flew by.

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