Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's a TV morning

Shelley's away this morning at an appointment, leaving me with solo with the kids. I've been awake, off and on, since 3:30 this morning, with Kai needing attention at 4:00, 5:10, 5:50 (I think those were the times, it's all a blur).

He's napping now; Rei and I have been watching TV pretty much all morning. A steady stream of Blue's Clues, Doodlebops, Little Bear, and Dora the Explorer has kept us out of trouble; hopefully, with little damage to her attention span.

Kai's waking up now. And on Dora, Swiper is trying to engage in some swiping. I'll undertake more involved and interactive parenting when I wake up a little more myself.

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