Saturday, December 09, 2006

Santa Drives a Jetta

The kids' least favourite part of "Breakfast with Santa", an annual event hosted by the Ontario Early Years Centre in Forest, is Santa. Being mildy- to moderately-suspicious of strangers, it wasn't likely that they would approach a chuckling, overly-jolly, stranger of immense proportions. Kai, maybe; Rei, definitely not.

As we pulled into the parking lot for the event, who parked beside us? St. Nick himself! Peering into the backseat windows and offering a friendly wave, the jolly old elf terrified Rei. She insisted that she needed to be carried from the car to her breakfast. So it was with 50+ lbs. of winter-clad kids in my arms that I made my way through the parking lot and down the stairs into the Great Hall.

It didn't stop there, Santa was in the hall asking if I could have the staff close the blinds on the windows so the kids wouldn't see him before "it was time". Other children might have been impressed that their parent was on speaking terms with Santa. Not so our kids.

(And it seems that someone has gone to a lot of work to uncover the truth about Santa. Did you ask for "personal salvation" for Christmas this year? Because, apparently, we'd better or we'll reside forever on The Naughty List.)

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