Friday, December 01, 2006

TP Clarity

Before heading into London to visit at the hospital, Shelley asked if I could stop by No Frills and pick up a few things on sale. She mentioned toilet paper, 40 rolls for $7, but when I was in the aisle, I couldn't remember the particulars.

I saw 30 Mega rolls, an equivalent of 50 rolls, (which seemed like the right amount) for $14 (for some reason, the multiple of $7 struck me as accurate as well ...) and gathering my items, proceeded to the cashier. When it came to the toilet paper, she helpfully mentioned that Royale was on sale, 40 rolls for $7. I commented, "That's probably what I was supposed to get!" to the amusement of everyone in the check-out line.

I hurried to the prominent pyramid of personal paper product (how did I miss that display?) and returned home, feeling the satisfication of cashing in on a good deal. You might say that I "cleaned up".

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