Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pan-fried Pizza

It turns out our oven is on the fritz. My first clue was the still-pasty pastry bottom of my meat pie that I had for lunch, but I was too busy cutting holes in our entertainment unit to accommodate the new TV, with audio and video cables strewn everywhere, to notice the culinary anomaly.

Shelley had to work this evening so I ordered a pizza. Our custom is to have it half-baked (yes, haha) because the time of our order is rarely the time we eat. We finish cooking it in our oven so that it is fresh and ready when we are. Tonight, that well-laid plan went astray as the top was crispy and bubbly while the bottom crust was still doughy.

The kids were keeningly hungry and so I sliced up the pizza, tossed them into a skillet, and fried the bottoms. Whose cuisine reigns supreme? Not ours, not tonight.

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